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Humanitarian Magazine SA (HMSA) was established in 2012 to provide an independent forum for policy-maker and practitioners working in the humanitarian agency sector to share information, resources, and experience.
HMSA plays a key role in reviewing policy developments, identifying and distilling procedural initiatives, and disseminating information to field staff and decision makers.HMSA's aim is to bolster the performance and effect of humanitarian action by contributing to individual and institutional learning.

HMSA's target audience comprises individuals and organisations engaged in humanitarian aid, spanning over 130 countries in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and working in the UN and other multilateral agencies, as well as governments, donors, academic institutions and consultancies, policy makers, brokers, architects, practitioners, individuals, United Nations, academic institutions, donors, government bodies, churches, UNHCR, NGOs, activists, parastatals, volunteers, development facilitators, social workers financiers, and the general public.
HMSA is written by an extensive domain of contributors and is published by Choice Point Media. The views and opinions expressed in HMSA do not necessarily reflect those of the Humanitarian Policy Group or the Overseas Development Institute.
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Board Of Directors


Winfer Gondwe Children Foundation 
2012 Board of Directors

Winfer Gondwe                                          President

Sylvia Kaoma
                                            Vice President

Letty Chalwe                       

Alick Gondwe                                             Treasurer

Suzio Gondwe                                       Member at Large

Getrude Nyirenda                                        Member

Thomas Tembo                                              Member

Estelle van Staden                                         Member

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